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Looking Forward with Faith... 

The future of the Ordinariate in Canada, and English speaking North America, is dependent on a number of things, but a major factor is of course our ability to respond to those men who have been called by God to serve as Priests and Deacons in this part of the Lord’s Harvest.
      We’ve been blessed to have a number of vocations come to us from across our wider diocese, and we are very blessed to have one here in Canada: Mr. Luke McDonald. The men you help educate today will serve as the leaders of our Ordinariate Parishes and Parochial Communities tomorrow.

     Are you able to give regularly to Luke’s seminary education and formation? Or a one-time donation? 


I am very grateful for your help and support. I know you are sacrificing a lot to support my studies, far more than parishioners in an established diocese must give. I will continue to pray for you as I study, and God willing I shall be able to do more for those who have given as a priest.” — Luke McDonald


I want to help Canadian Seminarians to-day!

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